I offer individual therapy indoors and outdoors in nature.  

I tailor-make therapy according to individual needs and specialise in the following approaches:

Person-centred counselling aids growth and works with how you perceive yourself rather than how counsellors might interpret your unconscious thoughts or ideas. Essentially, it is about helping you to connect to your inner resources so that you can find your own way forward.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy  helps you to manage problems by understanding triggers, contributing factors and how these can affect our thought patterns, feelings and behaviours. It works in understanding our own individual cycles, and in looking at practical techniques for examining and challenging any unhelpful thoughts or behaviours we might have.

Ecotherapy  helps you to form a relationship with the natural world in order to support you to make sense of our inner emotions and life experiences. Psychotherapy in  the natural environment can help to develop new ways of understanding ourselves. Ecotherapy is typically conducted outdoors, so is sometimes called ‘walk and talk’ or simply ‘outdoor therapy’. For some, this can open up a space which is more dynamic and fluid that sitting in a more conventional space.   In some ways, outdoor counselling sessions can be similar to those conducted indoors, except that we meet for a slightly longer time of an hour in a natural space, which can be in private woodlands, local parks or the Malvern Hills, and we have the added benefit of nature as the backdrop and co-therapist to our work.