life can be amazing and life can be difficult

There can be many different reasons why life might feel hard. You may have experienced situations in the past that may still be bothering you, or you might be going through something now that has affected how you feel, or how you see life. You might want to make some changes in your life, accept things you cannot change or you might want to understand yourself better. 

There are times when everyone feels overwhelmed, stuck or confused. Talking to a professional counsellor can be an effective way of working through your problems.

Counselling can help with a range of different issues:

  • understanding yourself and your behaviour better
  • life changes and transitions
  • relationship difficulties
  • bereavement or illness
  • work stress
  • mental health problems, including depression and anxiety
  • anger, guilt, shame and trauma
  • low self esteem or confidence problems
  • addictions
  • spiritual crises
  • and….anything that is stopping you from getting the best out of your life.